Our Historic Timeline


Edmundite Southern Missions

Edmundite Southern Missions founded by Fathers Francis Casey and John Paro who came to Selma with only a Pontiac and $50. They arrived on July 6 and quickly responded to the poverty by establishing mercy ministries of feeding, clothing and healing the poor.



St. Elizabeth's Church

Building of St. Elizabeth's Church, African-America Catholic Parish.

All Saints Mission

All Saints Mission, Anniston, founded.


Sisters of St. Joseph

Sisters of St. Joseph, Rochester, NY, join the Missions.


St. Elizabeth's School

St. Elizabeth's School opens, begins with Kindergarten and adds a grade a year through eighth grade.


Holy Infant Inn & Discalced Carmelite Nuns

Holy Infant Inn opens, a nursing home for the aged and chronically ill and At Father Casey’s invitation, Discalced Carmelite Nuns from Philadelphia arrived October 7 in Mobile to pray for the success of the Southern Missions.


Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital opens, the only hospital in Selma to accept African-American patients.


Don Bosco Boys Club

Don Bosco Boys Club was founded in Selma by Father Nelson Ziter providing recreational and educational opportunities for African-American young men and women.


School of Licensed Practical Nursing

School of Licensed Practical Nursing opens, first of its kind, educating men and women of all races. With the assistance of the local Elks Lodge, a credit union for Blacks (now Selma-Dallas County Community Federal Credit Union) was opened.


New St. Elizabeth's School built.

New St. Elizabeth's School built.



Good Samaritan Nursing Home

Good Samaritan Nursing Home opens (formerly Holy Infant Inn).


Selma floods

Selma floods, Edmundites aid hundreds of flood victims with food, shelter and clothing.


Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital expands to four floors, tallest building in Selma.


Civil Rights March

Civil Rights March (“Bloody Sunday”). Good Samaritan Hospital wins national acclaim for its treatment of victims of brutality. On February 7, 1965 Father Crowley published a full-page statement, “The Path to Peace in Selma” in the Selma Times Journal, which attracted national attention. In March 1965 Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Selma to lead efforts to secure the civil rights of Black Americans and visited Missions Director Father Crowley and Good Samaritan Hospital.


Catholic Parishes Unite

Catholic parishes unite to make one integrated church: Queen of Peace Church, with an Edmundite priest as pastor, Catholic Schools unite as Queen of Peace Catholic School.

Nursing School closes.

Nursing School closes.


A.M. Hayden Health Center

A.M. Hayden Health Center, Uniontown, founded health care for medically underserved and poor population of rural Perry County.


Grace Busse Memorial Health Center

Grace Busse Memorial Health Center, Pine Apple, founded health care for medically underserved and impoverished population of rural Wilcox County, one of the poorest counties in the nation.


Lowndes County Catholic Center

Lowndes County Catholic Center, Mosses, founded, educational programs to children in rural Lowndes County and outreach to the elderly.

Community Health Center of West Wilcox County

Community Health Center of West Wilcox County, Alberta, founded health care for the poor in medically underserved and geographically isolated communities.


Don Bosco Nutrition Center

Don Bosco Nutrition Center, Selma, opens, serves hot meals free daily, 365 days a year. Selma’s own African American priest Father Anderson is consecrated a bishop for the Archdiocese of Detroit.


St. Edmund's Learning Center

St. Edmund's Learning Center, Selma, opens, educational program offers G.E.D. classes, teen parenting courses, after school program and summer enrichment.

Pine Apple Learning Center

Pine Apple Learning Center opens, educational program includes preschool classes, after school program, G.E.D. program and summer enrichment.

Vredenburgh Health Center

Vredenburgh Health Center founded, health care provided for the poor in a medically underserved rural area.


Pine Apple Community Center

Pine Apple Community Center, Wilcox County, founded, center provides daily adult day care for seniors and hot lunch program.


St. Joseph Education Center

St. Joseph Education Center, Vredenburgh, opens, educational program includes preschool classes, after school program, G.E.D. classes and summer enrichment.


Edmundite Missions Corps

Edmundite Missions Corps founded, year-long volunteer program for college graduates to serve in housing, education, recreation, and other outreach to poor communities.


Bishop Perry Middle School

Bishop Perry Middle School, New Orleans, opens, Catholic school provides small classes and individual attention to young male students from poor inner-city neighborhoods. Mary's Food and Fashion, Pine Apple, opens thrift Store and snack bar provides clothing, household accessories and low-cost meals in rural Wilcox County.


St. Joseph's Parish

Edmundite priest assigned to St. Joseph's Parish, Tuskegee, Alabama.


Uniontown Community Center

Uniontown Community Center opens, Perry County, center provided adult day care for the elderly, hot lunch program and a clothing give-away opens.


Vredenburgh Community Center

Rebuilt Vredenburgh Community Center after its destruction by fire.


Selma AIDS informational and referral office.

Missions helps found and support the Selma AIDS informational and referral office.


Bosco Food Kitchen

Bosco Food Kitchen in Selma, which serves meals to the hungry 365 days a year, serves its one-millionth meal.


Ana Maria Food Pantry

Through a generous benefactor to the Missions, the Ana Maria Food Pantry opens in Pine Apple, providing the only source of nutritious food for the hungry poor in eastern Wilcox County. Hurricane Ivan roars through Selma and Wilcox County, damaging several Missions buildings and homes of those served by the ministry.


Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast, sending hundreds of homeless victims of the storm to the Selma community. The Bosco Food Kitchen offers two meals a day for several months to accommodate the need. The Missions offers refuge through emergency assistance and other ministries to the hurricane victims in its four service counties. The Lowndes County catholic Center reopens as the Good Shepherd Catholic Center offering a variety of educational and outreach programs to children and seniors, a food pantry and jail ministry.


Ana Maria Missions Kitchen

A large expansion of the outreach center in Wilcox County at Pine Apple is built that includes a new Ana Maria Missions Kitchen, serving meals to the poor and the homebound, and an expansion of the Ana Maria Food Pantry. A laundromat was also added.


Edmundite Center of Hope

Edmundite Center of Hope opened in Selma, bringing many of the outreach ministries in Selma under one roof.


Bosco Food Kitchen

Bosco Food Kitchen serves its 1.5 millionth meal.


First lay Missions Director

First lay Missions Director appointed and charged with carrying on the charism of the Society of St. Edmund


Meals of Hope

Meals of Hope program officially launched to deliver meals from Bosco to homebound and disabled seniors


Bosco Evening Meal

Bosco Evening Meal program begins


Sacred Heart Prayer Plaza

Sacred Heart Prayer Plaza in Selma, Alabama officially dedicated