Just One Example of the Difference You Made

Friend you have been with the Missions on this journey of helping the poor long enough to know that, together, we can turn people’s lives around and rescue them from soul-destroying poverty.

You have seen what happens when your generous gifts are put to work by our caring staff and volunteers. You did that last winter when Chad wrote you about Russell Smith who was raising his little granddaughter Shawna.

Russell lives down a red dirt road in an old shack with his granddaughter. When it rains, the road becomes impassable. Last January, one of our Meals of Hope drivers told Chad she was worried about him because the ruts in the road were so bad she couldn’t get anywhere near his house to deliver his food.

When Chad bounced and slid his car up the muddy track to the house, he could see big holes in the roof and that some of the windows had been papered over to try and keep out the icy winter winds.

But the most urgent crisis was that Russell and his granddaughter had no power. When he told you about the gentle old man and his tiny granddaughter shivering in their dark, freezing, concrete home, you responded immediately and generously, and helped raise the $713 we needed to get Russell’s power turned on.

These days, Chad often makes the trek down the rough drive to visit with Russell. He has continued to work on his home to make it as nice for his granddaughter as possible.

And just like he said he wanted to when Chad first met him, he and Shawna often sit together on Sundays and listen to a local church service on the radio. And even now, he often tells Chad to pass along his thanks and a big bear hug to “his friends that helped him get power.”