The Needs are Growing…and So Are We

Food is the most basic human need. Yet, here in the Deep South, thousands of our brothers and sisters suffer from hunger. That’s why our Bosco Nutrition Center has been one of the cornerstones of our ministry to the poor.

But the number of people in need has continued to grow, especially among families with young children. Not long ago, in fact, the city asked us to add a second elementary school to our Weekend Breakfast Bag Program.

When children are hungry, we know what God wants us to do so we took on the new responsibility without a moment’s hesitation.

But we also realized that, as more families were already depending on Bosco, the addition of several hundred new children, was pushing our little kitchen far beyond its capacity. It could simply no longer meet the demand.

So we were forced to do a major renovation. Even though many of our staff and volunteers helped out, it was still rather expensive, but there was no way around it. And thankfully, caring friends like you understood that, no matter how much the renovations disrupted normal operation at Bosco, we could not stop feeding the hungry for even one day.

Your generosity made all the difference!

Thanks to your loving support, we were able to complete the job without missing a single meal at Bosco. Yes, there were a couple of days when there was too much dust in the dining room to serve meals. But we just opened our side doors and gave out boxed meals to the hungry.

Now, with the renovation complete, we’ve been able to expand our Weekend Breakfast Bag Program much more efficiently, giving out over 5,200 bags per month and ensuring that no child will go without a meal. We’ve even been able to add some extra storage space so we can include more nutritious food in the children’s bags.

This could never have happened without the God-given help of dear friends like you. So on behalf of every hungry person who will receive a nutritious meal tomorrow, thank you!

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