Greetings Partners in Ministry!

I hope this holiday season finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy!

2016 has been an important year for all of us. We have a new president, and folks around the country are wondering what kind of changes will be in store.

For the poorest of the poor in the Deep South, however, the changes that will improve their lives won’t come from Washington…they will come from you!

Our neighbors are isolated by geography and poverty, which means they face a whole range of challenges that are unique to the rural poor.

For example, there is no public transportation, and services like police and fire are few and far between. (You might remember our friend Cora Arlington who I wrote you about recently. She and her family lost their home because it took firefighters more than half an hour to get across the river to where they live.)

But while our neighbors may be physically isolated, they are not alone thanks to the caring gifts from friends like you. They tell me all the time how grateful they are for your loving support.

Now we are celebrating Christmas – a very special time for Christians like you and I. We can express our gratitude for the amazing blessings we have received through Christ by sharing our good fortune with those who have little or nothing.

Thinking of your generosity reminds me of something Pope Francis did. After he took office, he auctioned off every gift he had received, including a car, a motorcycle, one of his zucchetti (skull caps), and many other valuable items, and directed that all the money be used to help the poor.

What you have done my dear friend is just as profound. Because your gifts are prayerfully given, they create miracles in the lives of those who receive them.

In this edition of the Newsletter, I’ll update you on some of the blessings you made possible. As you read, I hope you will know that you have my deepest gratitude. No one can take your place in my heart and in the hearts of those whose lives you have changed.

I know God will bless you for caring about His children who need you the most. May your Christmas and New Year be blessed with joy and love.

In Christ, I remain

Chad McEachern
Missions Director