2016 Year in Review (Continued)

In September, I let you know about our very exciting new Weekend Breakfast Bags program. So many of our kids were living in homes with little or no food, and I worried about them on the weekends when they weren't getting breakfast at school.

Many of their teachers had been telling me that Monday mornings were the worst. The kids couldn't focus because of their aching stomachs. Something had to be done, so we put together bags containing two breakfasts that we handed out each Friday, so they'd have something to eat on Saturday and Sunday.

I prayed you'd join me in this ministry, and of course you did. Now, the children just beam as they receive their bags of food each Friday afternoon. And thanks to your overwhelming support, we've been able to expand the Breakfast Bags program to a second elementary school. Now we deliver over 1,000 breakfasts each Friday to kids who desperately need them!

In October, I wrote you about Brittany Chance, a young mother with two children and one on the way. Brittany had always been a hard worker at the local nursing home until they laid her off because she was pregnant. She fell behind one month on the rent and after the late fees, her landlord was demanding $810.00 or Brittany would be evicted! The poor mother and her children were hours away from being out on the street.

That's when you stepped in. Your gifts allowed me to pay the fee and keep Brittany in her home. She had a healthy baby girl, returned to work, and now manages to make ends meet for her little family. She would never have made it without you.