2016 Year in Review (Continued)

In July, I passed along a note to you from Brad Perry who runs the Bosco Nutrition Center. He had written to me in a panic after taking inventory of the food on the pantry shelves. With the schools closed, Bosco was being overrun with children looking for hot nutritious meals. Brad had no idea how he would feed the extra hungry kids but he was hoping some of our friends could help.

The thought of those innocent children going hungry touched you deeply. You sent generous donations so we could meet the influx of children, and even serve seconds to the extra hungry boys and girls. We simply would not have able been to meet the increased demand without you. Thank you for feeding the hungry.

In August, the mayor of Selma alerted me to the plight of Jim Herbert, an elderly man he had found living in an apartment with no power. This was in the middle of a sweltering heat wave, and thank God the mayor found him, because Jim was at the edge of death when I arrived! I couldn’t believe how pitiful he looked in that stifling apartment with almost no food.

Knowing I could count on her generous support, I added Jim to the Meals of Hope route immediately. He was so excited to know he would get a healthy meal every day. Your loving support also allowed me to pay his power bill, so he could use his battered old window air conditioner to get a little relief from the brutal, triple digit heat.

These days, I often see Jim on his porch and he waves and smiles, happy to tell me exactly what meal was delivered that day and how good it tasted. “It’s the best part of my day.” You make that happen each and every day.