2016 Year in Review (Continued)

In May, you reached out to Ralph and Dottie Forester, an elderly couple that had led a quiet and peaceful life for decades in their small home. Ralph lost both his legs to diabetes and Dottie was his faithful caretaker. They struggled to get by, but were happy simply to have each other.

Then one night their peaceful home was changed forever when a gang of criminals, for some reason I will never understand, opened fire on their little house and riddled it with nearly 60 bullets. Can you imagine the terror they must have felt? By the grace of God, neither of them were shot, but Joe’s electric-powered wheelchair and several appliances were damaged beyond repair.

When I told you the story, you were as shocked and outraged as I was. And you made sure we were able to replace the windows and appliances. You also helped us locate a replacement wheelchair for Ralph, which he asked me to thank you for every time I visited.

Sadly, we laid Ralph to rest at the end of last year. Yet Dottie takes great comfort in knowing you helped make his final year much better, and helped heal the wounds created by those who sought to destroy their happiness.

In June, we recognized Father’s Day together when you came to the rescue of John and J.C. Williams. John has a long list of disabilities and his big brother J.C. cares for him just as a loving father would. It’s a beautiful thing to see how gentle and patient J.C. is with John. I’ve never seen a purer example of familial love. When I learned that the brothers were going without water in their new apartment and that John was not receiving eye surgery that could restore his vision, I knew you would want to help.

And you did! Through your generosity we were able to turn the water on for them and also get John to the clinic in Birmingham that removed his cataracts! John can see much better now and the brothers will be forever grateful for your loving help.