2016 Year in Review (Continued)

In March, I told you about the horrific house fire that left Geri Davis and her 6 kids homeless. The tiny rural community where they live had rallied to help, and them find a new home. But Geri still had to come up with $329.62 before the power company would turn on her lights. Imagine surviving the nightmare of losing everything, then being so close to making a fresh start, only to have one bill threaten to force you back to square one!

But thanks to you, Geri was able to pay that bill. The safety and wellbeing of this Godly family is owed in large part to you.

In April, I appealed to you on behalf of Shelly George and her four sons. Shelly is one of the hardest working people I have ever known, and she is devoted to her beautiful boys. All but her oldest son, William, have serious medical issues. One has asthma and arthritis, another has kidney disease, and the third has Down syndrome. She and her oldest son, William, helped care for all of them.

So when William was badly injured in a horrible car crash, Shelly was in an impossible dilemma. She was terrified and worried about him, but couldn’t leave her three youngest, with all their medical problems, to travel the 85 miles to the hospital in Birmingham to be with William. And even if she had been able to leave them with someone, she was far too poor to afford the trip.

As soon as I let you know what was going on, you helped reunite Shelly’s family. You made it possible for the Missions to provide groceries for them and money for Shelly to be with her son. I’m happy to report that William pulled through with the Grace of God and our prayers. I always smile and say a prayer for you when I see this family happily eating at Bosco.

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