2016 Year in Review

In January, I wrote to you about Russell Smith and his granddaughter Shawna. They live in an old shack at the end of a red dirt road that is barely passable in the best conditions and completely impassible with even the smallest amount of rain. When I wrote to you, they lived in the dark. Russell wanted nothing more than for Shawna to feel safe and for them to be able to listen to church services on the radio together when they couldn’t get down the road on Sunday mornings.

Thanks to you, we were able to install the needed power pole and bring light to this precious family. You literally became light in a dark place for these children of God.

In February, you helped Hank Jordan, a homebound elderly veteran who lived in a plywood shack in the middle of town. I couldn’t believe the horrid condition he was living in. There were holes in the walls and floors and almost no heat even though it was the middle of winter. Worst of all was the bed he was confined to. It was literally falling apart in front of my eyes. Every time the frigid wind blew through the holes in the floor, I saw Hank wince in pain.

I asked you to help me get him a new bed and a few groceries and, as you always have, you came through for someone in desperate need. We were able to stock Hank’s cabinet with nutritious food, and his new bed and extra blankets gave him comfort he had not felt in many months. Now, every time I visit, he asks about his friends that got him his warm bed. I always tell him you are continuing to generously help others who are in need!

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