The Missions Braves the Heat to Keep the Community Cool

When the heat index soared above 105° this summer, Missions Director Chad McEachern loaded up one of our Meals of Hope trucks with bottles of cold, refreshing water and set out to bring some relief to our neighbors in need.

The Missions also opened the Bosco Nutrition Center as a Cooling Station, offering some air-conditioned comfort to anyone who needed a brief respite from the dangerous heat.

Far too many of our friends live in desperate poverty. When they have to choose between buying groceries and paying the electric bill, they can’t afford to just flip on the air conditioner and make themselves comfortable. Many, in fact, have no electricity at all.

Life-threatening heat waves can roll in with very little warning here in the Deep South. When they do, we must be prepared to help our neighbors right away.

That’s why, every day, we at the Missions thank God that we have caring friends like you. Your ongoing gifts make it possible to respond fast when dangerous weather and other emergencies threaten the most vulnerable people in our region.

Thank you!

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