Missions Director Honored by the City of Selma

When the Selma City Council asked our Missions Director, Chad McEachern, to drop by their meeting a few weeks ago, he assumed it was because they needed his input on some project. After all, it’s not unusual for them to invite Chad to speak about issues involving our neighbors in poverty.

Instead they had a surprise for him. Because he and the Missions have given so much to the Selma Community, they decided to give back—in the form of a special Appreciation Award.

Councilman Johnny Leashore also thanked Chad for his commitment to the city, as did Councilman Samuel Randolph who, himself, often volunteers with the Missions’ Senior Activity Program.

Surprised as he was, Chad made a point of asking all the Missions staff who were present at the meeting to stand and the council gave them a round of applause.

“Each of these folks – and especially each of our generous donors – are the real honorees here today,” he said. “If not for them, none of the Missions’ work would be possible.”

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