Summer Festival is a Celebration of Blessings

The Edmundite Missions held its annual Summer Festival Friday, June 2, as hundreds of people came out to kick off summer.

Kids were running around, playing games, eating shaved ice, and having a good time while adults got to relax, enjoy food and have a chance at winning some prizes.

“It’s a blessing for the kids and the families just to enjoy a good time today,” said Turkesa Sullivan, who brought her 4-year-old son, Kausti, to enjoy the games and fun. “I got him out of daycare because he doesn’t get out as much because I’m a single mom of two,” she said.

“It’s exciting to see everybody coming together as one to enjoy this. I just thank the Edmundites for putting on this community event for Selma, and I hope they continue to do it every year.”

Missions Director Chad McEachern said the event is an important way to bring people together. “For 80 years, we’ve been part of this community,” he said. “We’re proud to have the opportunity to host days like today when our neighbors can join in fellowship, because we know that when our community plays together, it stays together.”

The work they began is still going strong today, for one reason: Because God touched the hearts of so many people like you, who give generously to make our work possible. Thank you, my friend, and may God bless and keep you always.


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